December, 2008

Innocent people are capable of evil if they don’t trust their own instincts

Its possible for more assertive people to get most of the people to do many “evil” things in the proper environment. Its also possible for “stronger personalities” to force a certain dogma on anyone incapable for thinking for themselves.

It is critical that we develop our sense of right or wrong to prevent ourselves from being swayed by external forces.

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Predicting natural future with Phi, Fibonacci Series and the Spiral Pattern

Predicting patterns in life based on natural growth follows the Fibonacci and spiral pattern. This knowledge has been used to predict the stock market, the evolution of any species etc. The “golden ratio” found in all things natural, (ie Phi which is 1.618) can help us predict many naturally occurring patterns around us. Check out the following video to ponder this natural curiosity.


Evolution vs Creationism – The evidence speaks for itself

Creationism claims that something like our eye cannot evolve out of natural iteration of biological beings. While without much research it is tempting to give in to their argument, upon closer study of the evidence around us, its easy to see that the eye has evolved over time from simple photo sensitive cells to complex organs that help us see the world around us.


Our earth size in perspective

With the proper astronomy gear and some math skills and anyone can verify for themselves this claim.


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