January, 2009

Stop feeling sorry for yourself – A path to Happiness?

Here is a man, Stephen Fry, who’s biggest preach is to have people stop feeling happy for themselves as a path to happiness. What do you think? I think its a good idea, and will need to do a through analysis on this as the only path to happiness.


Milton Friedman – Government & The Poor

Milton Friedman is I believe a person who see things as they are. Unfortunately most of the government is caught up covering up the mess made by previous governments. Thus, causing them to mislead the people and invest in programs that have a reverse effect on the people. Here is a very thought provoking video that illustrates how the government works. Sadly, while Milton’s revelations have been around for ages, we as a society still live under the same government structure, limitations and programs.


Subliminal Suggestions: How ideas can be planted into your head

Learning this truth, will tell you how marketing works, how religions work, how successful manipulators do their work. While the below video seems like you are walking into the show half way, the big punch of the show comes in the second half. Darren Brown shows how he used suggestions to enter an idea into the masses head. Moral of this story, is beware of all the subliminal ideas introduced to you everyday.


Religon’s Failed Logic

God is not what religions claim it to be. One has to be smart about stupidity used to describe god. Here is a classic example used by most religions. While the video below is about Christianity, I believe it applies to most religions.


Our ears can fool us. Test yours for yourself!

Sometimes, we hear things that are actually not real. Try out this sound test to see for yourself. Why is this important? It just goes to prove that our senses can fool us.

Illusion auditive
by BSmax


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