January, 2009

Magic, Miracle or Slight of hand – What will you believe first?

If magic or miracles can be recreated by principles of illusion will you consider rethinking your thoughts on many of the practitioners of the paranormal crafts? Or will you give in to their deception and believe what they tell you? Its important to question untested claims, before accepting them as real. There are too many con artists around us. James Randi has dedicated his life finding the truth. So did the illusionist Houdini. This video disputes Uri Geller and Peter Popoff’s claim of paranormal ability.


Human Breaking Point I

Its important to make sure we are happy. Suppressing our frustrations, or unhappiness in doing something only takes us closer to our breaking point.

Office Worker Goes CRAZY – watch more funny videos


Machine that reads your mind

As amazing or scary as that sounds, we are making enormous progress in developing technologies to read people’s minds. Here is a 60 minute segment on mind reading technologies.

This suggests that our thoughts are a result of brain cells firing. Lots of implications for the future here.


9/11 Truth Explored via Empirical Truth

Its very important to think for ourselves by doing our own research. I am a civil engineer by degree, and I cannot dispute the findings of this group. This video concludes that 9/11 was an inside job. Shocking? Hard to believe… you figure it for yourself.

You can find more such analysis via searching for 9/11 Coincidences on you tube


Importance of having Clarity in life

“Ask and you shall receive.” This is an amazing video about the importance of having clarity in life. If you don’t know what you want, you are most likely not going to get it.


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