February, 2009

Life on another planet? Hubble Telescope finds organic matter on a distant planet

Amazing what science can teach us. Here is a discovery that will help shape our understanding of life in the universe. Empirical Truth to the question “Is there life out there in the universe, beyond earth?” indicates: “Yes, very likely.”

Hubblecast 14: First organic molecule on extrasolar planet
by spacetelescope_org


Everything we do in life is to make us happier

Anthony Robins has been a great inspiration to thousands of people, and with his very empirical insight into human behavior and psyche we can better ourselves and rise to be someone better than who we currently are. Here is a little dose of his potion.


Are ants intelligent? Evaluate for yourself…

We live in big cities, and many a times don’t have the exposure to the rest of the intelligence around us. Check out how ants think, and what they are capable of.

Worlds Biggest Ant Hill AMAZING – video powered by Metacafe


Waking up to the truth about religon – A Christian Story

Here is a wonderful story of a girl waking up the reality of religion. Her story is similar to the ones with others who are bold enough to ask the right questions.


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