March, 2009

Worldwide Telescope – Explore your place in the universe

Coming spring 2008 the worldwide telescope at will blow your mind. You are able to zoom into space and see all the galaxies around us. Such an interactive perspective into space has never been possible before. Our understanding of our place in the universe continues to make strides. Congrads to the people who made this possible.


Nature of God: Most of people are afraid to question it

Here is a very eloquent and brave lady who tells us her discovery of the true nature of god, or at least nature of what he is not. I found her story educational and also entertaining.


Water: The Power Of Belief: Test yourself

Forget religion, what you are about to see is an excerpt illustrating the power of thought on water. Note that Masaru Emoto and his Messages from Water are real publications, and the pictures of the ice crystals are from his work. This video, while Hollywood style in nature, still summarize Mr Masaru’s findings. Please watch the video first before you click on the Wikipedia link under the video. Test your power of belief. Do your own experiments to verify what is claimed here.


Schizophrenia – Living in a virtual world

When the mind fails to learn social limitations, cannot think logically and cannot hold a thought for an extended period of duration, we cease to become normal humans who cannot function independently
in our society. While most people are different in the way they view and react to the world, there is a line that is crossed by some people who have varied greatly from the norm so much so that they cannot function successfully in a free society.


Tele-Evangelists, God and Making Money

Tele-Evangelists make good money. That is why we see so many of them on late night tv. Some of them are blatant money hogs, while other are more discrete when they take money from you. In times of trouble, some people turn to any hope they can get from a higher force that they make themselves vulnerable to even more losses and pain by listening to people claiming to represent god. It is very critical to develop a very strong sense of empirical truth everyday to ensure we do not fall prey to such people.

If god exists, I am 100% sure that he or she does not charge money for his blessings. How can an all powerful being who can create as much money as he or she wants only bless you, if you send him $27 for his blessings. You must see through the deceit here using empirical truth.


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