March, 2009

The Empirical Truth about the Bible

At Empirical truth, we consider religions as ancestral theories of our existence. Religions capture the concerns, and beliefs of the age they were created by people who think they have figured out the nature of our existence. While the narration in the video clip below is not too kind towards fellow Christians (And I have some really dear friends who are Christians), the video brings forth some contradictions within the bible that hopefully point everyone to the fact that the bible was written by humans for humans, and not a narration of truth from “god”. Empirical truth has similar opinions of other world regions, and is not singling out Christianity for this empirical truth.

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How the casinos get you to loose money

Ever thought of yourself as a pigeon? You should, the next time you are playing slots at a casino. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself how they use studies on pigeons to make you loose your money. Enjoy, and be wiser next time you are in a casino.


Limitations of Human Memory

Empirical truth about memory is that it is not a reliable source of information no matter how confident one feels on how things occur. Check out your own memory and see how it fares. Note that many a historical/religious documents were written based on memory,  it is prudent to take ancient literature with a skeptical mind.

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Limited Human Perception

Human perception can be very deceptive. Its important to re-examine claims by people that do not make sense. This principle is used many magicians, bogus healers, miracle claimers or paranormal practitioners. Empirical truth is only derived when many people can arrive at the same conclusion after repeated experience.


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