April, 2009

The truth about marketing & how it makes billions for the bottled water industry

It is critical that we develop a keen sense of empirical truth. Too many times we buy into ideas that seem bigger than they really are, or ideas that are just ideas, with nothing to substantiate our fear that the idea alleviates. I guess that is the job of any marketeer, to make you want something to feel better about yourself, and a good marketing campaign will sell you products. To help us cut through the clutter of ideas and enable us to spend our hard earned money only on what we really need to, it is good to see through any product hype. Bottom line for the bottled water industry is that you need to go for the cheapest water you can find. No need Fiji water at $1.50 a bottle, when bottled water at $0.20 is good enough from Costco.


Feeling Down? Think you need a Psychiatrist?

While psychiatrist can be a great substitute for a confidante, who can help us get an impartial perspective into our situation, and make us feel better for being there to unload our mental burdens, the jury is still out there on weather they can actually help you find solutions to our lives. What do you think?


UFOs in the news… What do you think?

We keep an open mind on this matter. Why? Because we have seen instances of UFO mentions dating back thousands of years. Just Google up UFO in ancient art, and find out for yourself.. There is definitely something here we do not yet fully understand.


An Amazing Theist Vs Atheist Debate: Does God Not Exist?

At empirical truth, we take an agnostic view of the world. We believe that no one religion captures the essence of the elusive concept, yet science is not completely there to explain him away. Any case this 1 hour video is well worth the watch. It is full of nuggets to have us question the concept of god, and higher our understanding of our existence.

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