May, 2009

We are not all born equal. Some babies are smarter than others.

I know its hard for people to accept, but not all of us are born equal. Each of us have varying capabilities, strengths and weakness. Some of us identify our strengths early, while others never find it. Some don’t get a chance to find out what it is, as they never really allow themselves to experience life and discover for themselves. What are you good at? Below is an amazing feat by a toddler. I must say i still have trouble completing the last layer of the rubrics cube. Life’s truth is that we each have a strength, we must find it and nurture it or be content to being part of the heard, not that there is anything wrong with it.


Zig Ziglar at his best. Success is all about goals

There is a reason why Zig Ziglar is so famous. He points out something that is common to all successful people. This is the empirical truth about success. I do not know a single successful person who disputes that, except lottery winners i suppose, but luck is something beyond most of us, and we can only control what we are able to influence with our will.


Hypnosis – Alterning the state of the mind with words

Hypnosis works on many a people and helps people function better in their environment. Try the exercises this guy mentions here and experience for yourself how words can impact the way you feel and experience the world around you. Of course there are deeper forms of hypnosis that experts can conduct to help us heal or do extra ordinary feats, but those are sometimes controversial in their effectiveness.


The Golden Ratio:1.618 Empirical Truth about Life

It is amazing to know that life follows a pattern that can be captured by a single number. Now the big question remains as to why 1.618, the golden ratio, occurs in nature in the first place. Is there a logic or a natural order that organisms or physical creations observe when they create themselves? Something to ponder. Also, I believe if we can crack this code we will be closer to understanding our existence better. Your thoughts are welcome.


How Religon Lost to Here and Now

This is an amazing story of discovery, on how this person discovered that the very thing he stood for was driven by his fear. It is often difficult to face the truth when we have been nurtured to succumb to anything that might harm us. We only reach the truth when we challenge the basis of our beliefs.


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