November, 2009

Problems of Religion

It takes guts to say what this man (Sam Harris) is saying. It is so important to hear this man out and wake up from the delusion we have been born into. “Think for yourself” is what we preach and all we ask when you hear this man is to keep an open mind. The truth about the real god lies behind the concocted words of many a religions.


Our milky way: How many time have you seen this

The milky way passes us almost every day, visible ever few days. Well this is what you are missing:


Pollution and its effect on birds… let these pictures tell you the story

This will make us think twice about throwing our garbage into the sea, or anywhere else for that matter. This boils back to each of us and the choices we make every day. The empirical truth about our garbage disposal is that we are doing a horrible job of taking care of the problem.


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