February, 2010

Placebos and Its effects define our life

Amazing world experienced through placebos. Amazing how expensive also results in better effect on our systems.


Think twice about mediums…

Here is a lovely experiment which tested the best of local mediums. Moral of the story… Beware of fakes!!


Understand how you don’t see.. changes

Amazing little script that highlights our limited mind’s ability to ignore, and only focus on the little few things we only focus on.

Test Your Awareness : Whodunnit?
by DoTheTest


You have free will? Really? Check this experiment out

Bottom line is that we realize what decision we are making only after a few seconds after our brain tells us what to do. :) Amazing


Humor in truth: Looking at religions

At empirical truth we believe all religions are just evolutions of our schools of thoughts of the era when the religions were created. Here is a comic view of Christianity. The quotes from the bible are real, and so are the facts. Enjoy!


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