May, 2011

Judgement day postponed.. you buy that?

I am a 100% sure, someone will from this man. There are so many people still refusing to use their own brains when it comes to religion.

See for yourself.

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Some Confusion in Christianity

Confusion like this exists in all religions. One has to be open to see it, and not be closed off thinking that everything they read in the holy book makes sense.


35 Years in the making

I give full credit to this guy for tracking his evolution as an adult over 35 years. Wish I had done something like this. Whats the empirical truth in this? Perhaps, “We don’t know where we are going, if we don’t know where we are coming from.” Also would be nice to see how we grow out of old thought patters and adopt new ones based on logic than dogma.


May 21st 2011 Doomsday.. Blind Belief

There is so much I can say here about what just happened. I am resisting the temptation to call these “believers” suckers. I mean these people refused to think for themselves and will now pay the price for blind faith.  While we may laugh at them, we should always rethink on own belief system, which may still contain dogma that is impeding our progress as people living their lives untainted by dogma.


The Placebo Effect

The mind creates what it believes to be true. This is clearly demonstrated when it comes to the effects of placebos. The below short video illustrates this point.


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