Human Limitations of Sight

Our eyes can only see the visible spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum that surrounds us. Waves like radio waves, x-rays and other waves are beyond our means of detection with our senses. Yes, the fact that they cannot be sensed does not mean they do no affect us. They certainly do. We have created tools to detect and even use many of these waves to improve our lives.

The visible spectrum only represents less than 3% of the electromagnetic waves that surround us. Our human experience only knew of the existence of the non-visible electromagnetic waves in the last few hundred years. We continue to develop technologies to detect, learn and use of the ever increasing size of this electromagnetic spectrum.

Natural Examples of “Seeing” past human experience

There are animals that have evolved to “see” beyond the limitations of human sight. For example Snakes have infrared light detection abilities.

Limitations of sight

Self Experiment:

See for yourself how much our world you can really “see”. Imagine what the world would be like if we could “see” things like x-rays or other electromagnetic waves. You can imagine using x-rays to see the world by seeing x-rays of yourself taken by your doctors.

You can learn more about the electromagnetic spectrum by clicking here. or by clicking here.


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