Do animals have feelings? See for yourself…

Yes, we eat cows. Yes, cows are intelligent. Yes, cows have feelings.


Animals have morality…

Dogs moaning their master’s death. One animal helping another. Elephants remembering their dead at designated elephant cemeteries have been noticed for a while now, but there has been a scientific study done on this matter and the conclusions are not surprising.  Animals have a moral code. A sign of intelligence? Of course, but what does that mean to us who eat these animals, enslave these animals, cage these animals all to our benefit?  What does that say about our morality?


Who says animals don’t have feelings…

Here is a sight that needs no words to describe what she feels. A dolphin mourns the loss of her child.


Reminds me of theory of evolution

An amazing video of an octopus coming out of the sea to take a stroll out of the water. Suggests a story of an evolving, learning animal.

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Intelligent little Fish

Would you eat an intelligent animal? Well pigs and cows are pretty intelligent, and I know as humans we do eat them. But what about fish? Here is an example of a fish using its brains to get to a meal. It is using a rock to break a snail it caught so that it can get to the meat. You can read the full story via the link below the video.

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