Would you eat an intelligent animal?

Do you see intelligence in this bird? At what intelligence level would you decide that a bird is too intelligent to be eaten? Such questions are intended to help us be honest with our true values as humans.


Millions of Bugs in the blue sky

Did you know that there are bugs flying as high as 19000 feet in the “clear” blue sky? Check this story out:


Numbers in Nature

Amazing that we can calculate the math behind the things observed in nature. The golden ratio is everywhere around us. The logic behind nature’s designs. Some go on to guess that god, if he exists, is a mathematician. But i figure we can predict the movement of objects via math, why not biology. :)


Pollution and its effect on birds… let these pictures tell you the story

This will make us think twice about throwing our garbage into the sea, or anywhere else for that matter. This boils back to each of us and the choices we make every day. The empirical truth about our garbage disposal is that we are doing a horrible job of taking care of the problem.


Is our need for fairness and equality learned or natural?

Watch these monkeys and answer this question for yourself.

Amazing to see that animals think, and work as teams.


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