Arsenic Based Life Found – Changes the way we think about what is life

Discoveries like this are changing the way we view our reality. And science and its tools are helping us understand more of the real world around us each passing year. So important to keep an open mind and keep at it in delving deeper into the world we live in.

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Headless Ghost or Illusion? You decide…

Somethings are best experienced from the comforts of your home. This is an amazing illusion that highlights the limitations of our mind and body.


Superbugs and Evolution

For those amongst us that live by the book and do not believe in evolution, lets have your religious books explain the emergence of superbugs. These bugs have evolved from earlier bugs that could easily be subdued via antibiotics.

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Human 6th Sense? Magnetism?

Considering that information is communicated around our bodies via micro electrical charges through our nerves, I guess this discovery was long overdue. Of course now that we have identified the proteins that enable us to be at least magnetism sensitive, its will just be a matter of time we discover that some of us may have actually evolved to have this 6th sense, a sensitivity to the magnetism of the earth’s poles or the electrical charges around us.

Here is the article that should awaken us to the possibilities.,ca


35 Years in the making

I give full credit to this guy for tracking his evolution as an adult over 35 years. Wish I had done something like this. Whats the empirical truth in this? Perhaps, “We don’t know where we are going, if we don’t know where we are coming from.” Also would be nice to see how we grow out of old thought patters and adopt new ones based on logic than dogma.


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