Human Limitations

Arsenic Based Life Found – Changes the way we think about what is life

Discoveries like this are changing the way we view our reality. And science and its tools are helping us understand more of the real world around us each passing year. So important to keep an open mind and keep at it in delving deeper into the world we live in.

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Headless Ghost or Illusion? You decide…

Somethings are best experienced from the comforts of your home. This is an amazing illusion that highlights the limitations of our mind and body.


Can you believe your eyes? .. test them

Truth about eyesight is that we see colors in context. Check out this eye color test. Make sure to put your mouse on each of the squares and drag them to the white area for comparison.

Amazing huh?

Color can be relative, depending on how we are seeing it.


Limitations of Human Memory

Empirical truth about memory is that it is not a reliable source of information no matter how confident one feels on how things occur. Check out your own memory and see how it fares. Note that many a historical/religious documents were written based on memory,  it is prudent to take ancient literature with a skeptical mind.

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Limited Human Perception

Human perception can be very deceptive. Its important to re-examine claims by people that do not make sense. This principle is used many magicians, bogus healers, miracle claimers or paranormal practitioners. Empirical truth is only derived when many people can arrive at the same conclusion after repeated experience.


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