The Placebo Effect

The mind creates what it believes to be true. This is clearly demonstrated when it comes to the effects of placebos. The below short video illustrates this point.


What is a male face vs female face?

Well its all sometimes a matter or shades.. like this optical illusion.

Makes you think does it not?


Can you believe your eyes? .. test them

Truth about eyesight is that we see colors in context. Check out this eye color test. Make sure to put your mouse on each of the squares and drag them to the white area for comparison.

Amazing huh?

Color can be relative, depending on how we are seeing it.


The Truth About Sugar…

Ever wonder the french paradox? ie why are french people slim even though they eat so much fat in their diet? Ever wonder why heart problems keep increasing in the US despite the fact that fat intake by Americans has decreased over the years? It not the fat people its sugar! Don’t expect the fructose or sugar industry to tell you this, just look at the facts! This doctor has nothing to gain by putting sugar in its place, and we applaud his pursuit of truth on this matter.

Bottom line is that americans on average eat 141LBs of sugar every year. Listen and judge for yourself.


The Rubber Hand Illusion

This is an amazing insight into how the mind physically reacts to external stimuli. It feels things are real even though they are not. Now combine this with our understanding of the placebo effect, and one can start seeing the power the mind over the body. This has amazing implications in developing therapies, and body controlled devices.


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