Interpreting Latest News

Gullible people all around us. Could we be too?

Its always easy to “see” trickery after it has happened and someone discovers it using their logic. Unfortunately people are quick to believe something if they are told that there is a higher force at play. Be this force a “miracle” or “government secret ability”.

The news article below illustrates a con artist profiting from people’s vulnerability to “believe”.

Its prudent to question question question, and be suspicious of anything new told to us. Then research research research before committing to anything. There are too many evil people out there scheming to take advantage of your gullibility. (eg. internet scams, phone scams, robbers, pickpockets, cult preachers, snake oil sellers, quack doctors, mediums, psychics, etc.)

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Terrorists amongst us…

Terrorists are those who believe in something so strongly that they are deluded to doing “whatever it takes” to realize their beliefs, while breaking the values that make a society fair and accommodating of the different beliefs.

Beyond war zones, terrorists can be found at the work place, or even in some homes.

Our choice is simple. We must spend time educating the terrorists, moving away from the terrorists or fighting the terrorists. Letting them have their way will only make us weaker and miserable.


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