Human 6th Sense? Magnetism?

Considering that information is communicated around our bodies via micro electrical charges through our nerves, I guess this discovery was long overdue. Of course now that we have identified the proteins that enable us to be at least magnetism sensitive, its will just be a matter of time we discover that some of us may have actually evolved to have this 6th sense, a sensitivity to the magnetism of the earth’s poles or the electrical charges around us.

Here is the article that should awaken us to the possibilities.



“patternicity” – Human tendency to see patterns

This inborn ability to see patters has lots of benefits, but also causes us to see more than what is around us. Check out this amazing article about patternicity.



The Placebo Effect

The mind creates what it believes to be true. This is clearly demonstrated when it comes to the effects of placebos. The below short video illustrates this point.


Chemicals affect the way we think

Here is another example of how our oral intake affects the way we think. It affects our choices, our motivations, and ultimately what we get out of life.

Now while regular food may not have this big an impact, we have strong evidence that suggest eating healthy and eating the right amounts go a long way to keep a well balanced mind.

The article I am referring to is of course:

“Birth Control Pills Affect Women’s Taste in Men”


Excerpt from that article is below:
”Recent research suggests that the contraceptive pill—which prevents women from ovulating by fooling their body into believing it is pregnant—could affect which types of men women desire. Going on or off the pill during a relationship, therefore, may tempt a woman away from her man.”


Mind over Matter & Global Proof?

This is an amazing finding with regards to global consciousness. The results imply something beyond our current explanation. I mean we see the relationship, but cannot explain it with our current understanding of the universe.

Mind Over Matter from Dean C. Smith on Vimeo.


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