Realizing Goals is about keeping secrets…

Interesting experiment that gives a nice nugged about setting goals and achieving them. There is merit to keeping things to oneself until a goal is achieved.


We shall see…

I heard the story below in the movie “David Wilson’s War”. The substance of the tale moved me a little so figure Ishare it with you.

Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in a village who got a horse for his birthday.

Everyone in the village talked about how lucky the boy was to have gotten such an amazing gift.

When the zen master in the village was told about this extra ordinary gift, he just said “We shall see”

A few months later, the boy broke two of his legs riding the horse, and all the villagers talked about how unlucky the boy was for getting the horse.

On hearing the unfortunate news, the zen master said, we shall see.

A year later there was a big war, and all the youth in the village were drafted for war. Because the boy with the horse did not have any legs, he was spared.

Once again  all the villagers started talking how lucky that the boy did not have to go to war because he had no legs.

When told about this latest news, the zen master once again said “we shall see…”

What is the moral of the story?

Only time will tell the virtue of a good or bad fortune. It is up to us to make the most of the hand we are dealt with.


The Empirical Truth about Motivation

Reading motivating stories or quotes produce no results if you dont let the words move you. Then it just becomes a curocity or a wasted of time.  To benefit from motivation one needs to incorporate a discipline of “daily update”, “taking words to heart” and putting them into action everyday. No other way around it. Greatness takes persistance, drive and discipline. If you are not up to it, visit this section when you are ready.


Importance of keeping Motivated

I think one of the empirical truths of life is that we need to be motivated to achieve anything in life. So to get the ball rolling on this topic Ii would like to start by quoting the master of motivation Zig Ziglar.  Here is a story i picked up off the web.

After a speech one day, Zig Ziglar was approached by someone in the audience who said:
“Zig, it was a great speech, but…motivation doesn’t last.”

Zig said, “Bathing doesn’t either. That’s why I recommend it daily!”


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