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Arsenic Based Life Found – Changes the way we think about what is life

Discoveries like this are changing the way we view our reality. And science and its tools are helping us understand more of the real world around us each passing year. So important to keep an open mind and keep at it in delving deeper into the world we live in.

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Millions of Bugs in the blue sky

Did you know that there are bugs flying as high as 19000 feet in the “clear” blue sky? Check this story out:


A mom’s voice is powerful medicine

Next time you feel anxious and tense, like a knot of nerves, instead of scheduling a massage or some time in the sun, you might want to call your mom.

A mother’s voice has the power to settle jangled nerves and maybe even reach through the fog of a coma to bring a brain-injured patient back to consciousness, according to a pair of new experiments.

In a study published Wednesday, researchers from the University of Wisconsin — Madison, asked 61 girls and their moms to take part in an experiment to determine whether a voice could be as comforting as physical hugs and kisses. The girls, ages 7 to 12, were instructed to give a talk and then solve some math problems in front of a panel of judges — a situation, the researchers figured, that would make any kid’s heart pound and blood pressure rise.



Glimpse into evolution of knowledge in space photography

Here is an amazing glimpse into the evolution of knowledge in space photography. Would it not have been wonderful if religious texts were open to incorporating new discoveries into their understanding of how “god” works?

Hubblecast 21 Special: From silver to silicon
by spacetelescope_org


When two galaxies collide..

Our galaxy contains about 100 Billion stars. (ie aka suns). When we look up into the sky, we see more galaxies than stars. The Hubble telescope enables us to see amazing things no one can dispute. We can now see things that our ancestors can only speculate about. Empirical truth about the nature of our sky, and place in this world has evolved tremendously from claiming that we are the center of the universe. We are more insignificant than that.

Hubblecast 16: Galaxies gone wild!
by spacetelescope_org


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