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Are we really enslaved to a privileged few?

I know that x-presidents Fernandez Markos (Philippines) and┬áHosni Mubarak (Egypt) both former presidents ended their careers with billions in their banks. There is a conspiracy going on behind the general public’s back that is benefiting a privileged few. We are all enslaved to people like them who decide our fate while we live off the matrix of mind and socio-economic norm that has been created to kept us enslaved just enough to come up 2 days a week to enjoy life…

Here is another flash of empirical truth to enlighten our reality and plight…


Nibiru vs Earth = Doomsday?

Here is yet another example of how someone is predicting the end of earth. What amazes me is that there are people who will continue to believe hearsay no matter what the empirical truth says. They are more driven to believe nonsense than use their head to come to a sensible solution.

In this story, there is a following that says that Nibiru is a planet swinging in from the outskirts of our solar system that is going to crash into Earth and wipe out humanity in 201. Go figure.

More details of this prophecy is here:


UFOs in the news… What do you think?

We keep an open mind on this matter. Why? Because we have seen instances of UFO mentions dating back thousands of years. Just Google up UFO in ancient art, and find out for yourself.. There is definitely something here we do not yet fully understand.


The Emprical Truth About UFOs

While it is easy to dismiss everyday people’s accounts of UFO sightings, credible evidence is bubbling up on the subject matter. What is at stake is the basic premise of most world religions, that we are the “center of the universe” in our understanding of god, and where we come from. It is critical we maintain an open mind on the matter as we start to understand the universe much better. In addition to today’s video and audio evidence, you can check out historical documentation of UFOs going back thousands of years. (eg:

We are now confident that life can exist on other planets in the universe, as for UFOs, we continue collecting the evidence. The journey continues. I personally believe that UFOs may actually exist.


9/11 Truth Explored via Empirical Truth

Its very important to think for ourselves by doing our own research. I am a civil engineer by degree, and I cannot dispute the findings of this group. This video concludes that 9/11 was an inside job. Shocking? Hard to believe… you figure it for yourself.

You can find more such analysis via searching for 9/11 Coincidences on you tube


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