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Does big pharma have our best interest at heart? Here is a truth…

This 3 minute news video opened my eyes on what is going on out there in terms of the way the world works. Pharmaceutical companies are motivated by profits and are more interested in making us their drug addicts than curing us of disease.

“The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures, they create customers.”


Are we really enslaved to a privileged few?

I know that x-presidents Fernandez Markos (Philippines) and Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) both former presidents ended their careers with billions in their banks. There is a conspiracy going on behind the general public’s back that is benefiting a privileged few. We are all enslaved to people like them who decide our fate while we live off the matrix of mind and socio-economic norm that has been created to kept us enslaved just enough to come up 2 days a week to enjoy life…

Here is another flash of empirical truth to enlighten our reality and plight…


Human Cost of 9/11 War

The message is clear.

Since 9/11:

2, 996  – USA – 9/11 Deaths (6,291 Wounded)
80,000 – Afghanistan War Deaths (Wounded count:??)
162,000 – Iraq War Deaths (Wounded count:??)

244,996 – Total Deaths

Other Data:

4804 – Iraq Coalition Military Deaths (32,227 Wounded)
2114 –  Afghanistan USA Military Deaths (17,519 Wounded)


6918 – Total USA/Coalition Deaths (49, 746 Wounded)


Source of my data:

2 996 Deaths in 9/11 (2 977 victims and 19 hijackers).

80,000 deaths 2001- so far Afghanistan War (USA versus the Taliban)

162,000 Iraq War: Civilian and Combatant Deaths

115, 000: IRAQ Occupation Body Count since 2003

4804 IRAQ Coalition Military Fatalities (4486 USA)

2114 Afghanistan: U.S. Fatalities in and around Afghanistan

32,227 U.S. Troops wounded in action In IRAQ

17,519 U.S. troops have been wounded in action in AFGHANISTAN

6,291 people received treatment for injuries.


Debunking 7 fuel-economy myths

Did you know that no street car really needs premium gas to function properly. While this may have merit in the long past. The oil industry continues to charge more and work with the auto industry to keep alive the idea that luxury cards need better gas. I can attest that I have been only using cheap gas on my lexus since i bought it new, and have found no problems doing so far almost 5 years later. Want more info? check out link below.


Who says animals don’t have feelings…

Here is a sight that needs no words to describe what she feels. A dolphin mourns the loss of her child.


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