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Arsenic Based Life Found – Changes the way we think about what is life

Discoveries like this are changing the way we view our reality. And science and its tools are helping us understand more of the real world around us each passing year. So important to keep an open mind and keep at it in delving deeper into the world we live in.

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Independent news reporting?

Independent news reporting? Or do they drink from the same cool aid just presented via different presenters?

You be the judge.


1 in 11 people shoplift

Does that number shock you? It shocks me. I read somewhere that 20% of the people have no conscience about committing a crime. They can mentally justify it somehow. Many don’t act on it because of the fear to get caught. Many get away with commuting crimes, and of course about 2%-3% do get caught and are serving time in our jails and prisons.


Intelligence around us: The Octopus

Would you eat an intelligent creature? Would you eat the octopus? The empirical truth is that we do kill other intelligent animals around us for food, justifying that action by the fact that they are less intelligent than us. Would you eat an animal if it has the same level of intelligence as you?


The Truth About Sugar…

Ever wonder the french paradox? ie why are french people slim even though they eat so much fat in their diet? Ever wonder why heart problems keep increasing in the US despite the fact that fat intake by Americans has decreased over the years? It not the fat people its sugar! Don’t expect the fructose or sugar industry to tell you this, just look at the facts! This doctor has nothing to gain by putting sugar in its place, and we applaud his pursuit of truth on this matter.

Bottom line is that americans on average eat 141LBs of sugar every year. Listen and judge for yourself.


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