Self Improvement

Want super powers? Do a good or evil deed!

Quote from this interesting study:

“The mere act of kindness, or one of evil, can boost willpower and physical strength, a new study suggests.

The results, based on three experiments, show that those who performed good deeds, or envisioned themselves acting charitably, were able to hold a weight or squeeze a hand grip significantly longer than those who didn’t perform or think about such deeds.

But evil acts appeared to confer similar and perhaps even greater superpowers. “

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Zig Ziglar at his best. Success is all about goals

There is a reason why Zig Ziglar is so famous. He points out something that is common to all successful people. This is the empirical truth about success. I do not know a single successful person who disputes that, except lottery winners i suppose, but luck is something beyond most of us, and we can only control what we are able to influence with our will.


Everything we do in life is to make us happier

Anthony Robins has been a great inspiration to thousands of people, and with his very empirical insight into human behavior and psyche we can better ourselves and rise to be someone better than who we currently are. Here is a little dose of his potion.


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