Worldwide Telescope – Explore your place in the universe

Coming spring 2008 the worldwide telescope at will blow your mind. You are able to zoom into space and see all the galaxies around us. Such an interactive perspective into space has never been possible before. Our understanding of our place in the universe continues to make strides. Congrads to the people who made this possible.


The Emprical Truth About UFOs

While it is easy to dismiss everyday people’s accounts of UFO sightings, credible evidence is bubbling up on the subject matter. What is at stake is the basic premise of most world religions, that we are the “center of the universe” in our understanding of god, and where we come from. It is critical we maintain an open mind on the matter as we start to understand the universe much better. In addition to today’s video and audio evidence, you can check out historical documentation of UFOs going back thousands of years. (eg:

We are now confident that life can exist on other planets in the universe, as for UFOs, we continue collecting the evidence. The journey continues. I personally believe that UFOs may actually exist.


Glimpse into evolution of knowledge in space photography

Here is an amazing glimpse into the evolution of knowledge in space photography. Would it not have been wonderful if religious texts were open to incorporating new discoveries into their understanding of how “god” works?

Hubblecast 21 Special: From silver to silicon
by spacetelescope_org


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