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Intelligent little Fish

Would you eat an intelligent animal? Well pigs and cows are pretty intelligent, and I know as humans we do eat them. But what about fish? Here is an example of a fish using its brains to get to a meal. It is using a rock to break a snail it caught so that it can get to the meat. You can read the full story via the link below the video.


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Realizing Goals is about keeping secrets…

Interesting experiment that gives a nice nugged about setting goals and achieving them. There is merit to keeping things to oneself until a goal is achieved.


False Confessions – Scary truth about human nature

Bottom line about human character is that there will always be a certain percentage of our population that is susceptible to the power of suggestion and coercion. It is critical for anyone who thinks they have this weakness to shore up their defenses against such an exposure.

Here is a scary article that illustrates the effects of people who fall prey to over zealous law enforcement that put words in their mouth. While many may say this may not apply to them, think again when you are out buying a car, or committing to something you have no interest in. There are people who can talk you into anything.

“Eddie Lowery lost 10 years of his life for a crime he did not commit. There was no physical evidence at his trial for rape, but one overwhelming factor put him away: he confessed. ”



Importance of having Clarity in life

“Ask and you shall receive.” This is an amazing video about the importance of having clarity in life. If you don’t know what you want, you are most likely not going to get it.


Secret to Happiness: What makes us happy… Find out.

I found this video about happiness very insightful. It helped me understand the nature of happiness. Pretty much it concludes that true happiness can be created no matter what life dishes to us. Don’t believe me? Check out this eloquent presentation and find out for yourself.


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