Want to know what is really scary? And you live it every day.

1) We all are stalkers to a degree with Facebook.
2) We break the law everyday by going even an inch more than the speed limit.
3) Most people believe in ghosts, they pray to one form of it everyday.
4) Most people can’t kill an animal with their hands, but will gladly put the meat in their mouths.
5) We give 30 to 50% of our earnings to an organization every month that wastes 90% of it and and has also taken out a 300% loan on our future earnings.
6) Millions of people die from hunger and unnecessary violence, and most of us just have chosen to look away despite what our “religions” tell us.

7) 20% of the people around us don’t care for ethics, 10% are kept in check by fear of getting caught. 7% do unethical things, but have not been caught or have been but are out. 3% are in our jails.
8)  We try to be “bacteria free clean” when in fact we need bacteria to survive.
9) Vegetarians get a small amount of their necessary protein eating bacteria on our foods, and live yogurt.
10) We don’t care to know where the meat we eat, comes from or how it got there. So many animals are killed in humanely.
11) We are slowly losing the battle against super viruses as they evolve and adapt to our medication. Tipping point is near.
12) Nothing left to say on how much damage we are doing to our earth by over fishing, deforestation, pollution, agriculture, over hunting and over population by constantly encroaching on functional land.
13) How many of us will say “That’s crazy” to this Halloween alert, and then go back to living life as they always have… Oblivious to the obvious! ?

Scared yet? Happy Halloween people!!


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