Life into perspective

We know enough to say we don’t know it all. We label our ambiguities as “beliefs” and guide our lives keeping the “faith” that these “beliefs” will serve to create a conducive environment for our existence.

We live our lives based on what we know to work for us in the past, and what others before us say worked for them.

We know that extremes of anything are bad, be it food, thought, action or inaction.

We know that life is a balancing act of giving, taking, creating and fighting destruction.

We all live in a society that needs rules to function. If everyone decided to disregard these rules there is chaos.

We all are born, we live, and we die. Contrary to myths of the past, no one today really knows anyone who is above this fact. If you do, please email us and the James Randi Foundation

We know now more than what we know yesterday, and we can expect to know more tomorrow as our understanding of the universe increases.

Living fairly means letting people live their lives so long as they do not violate anyone else’s existence.

We must protect what we have and build on it to improve our chances survival.

We all crave to know where we came from and what will become of us when we die irrespective of our location, language, or current beliefs.

We know in our hearts of hearts that there is something wrong with the understanding of our existence today and that wrong cannot be explained away by any one established religion or belief system. There cannot be so many view points all claiming to be right.


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