Who to believe

With so many information sources today, sometimes its hard to figure out who to believe.

Have people actually landed on the moon? Have you really seen a rocket head out into space? What about earth being flat, have you been up in a plane way up high to see the curvature of the earth?

Our primer for thought is simple.
Believe yourself first. You are the questioning mind. Doubts are the pathway to discovery. Answer each doubt with logic, and the truth will unveil itself.

The quest to verify a claim.
Ask around or reference many different sources who researched the same conclusion. Are they from different beliefs or school of thought? Was a reproducible method of discovery used as a path to uncover the truth? If you had a billion dollars will you be able to recreate and verify this truth?

If life affords you, talk to the people who made the discovery or verified it. If you can do the verification for yourself, do it.

Many times there is overwhelming evidence that something is true. There are thousands of people who can attest it to be true, and thousands more who can repeat the verification with the same conclusion.

Key driver, is that you employ logic, and use no “beliefs” as foundations to discover the truth.

Ready to test yourself?
Here is an assignment: Are ghosts real? (ps. I am still researching, although I have yet to personally experience them. Conclusions will be published one day. Where things stand today: They are tricks of the mind to stimuli. I am looking for a verifiable ghost that everyone can experience and study.)


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