The Struggle

What is the purpose of each day in our lives?

To watch the latest tv shows?
To know the latest news?
To play sports?
To hang out with friends?
To enjoy life?
To help others?
To better our lives?
To answer the calling of our spirituality?

Yes all that and more.

How do you fit so much into one day?

Well we can’t, and can at the same time! Unfortunately, most people cannot afford to just pick one thing they like doing and ignore doing the rest. Life is a complete package and not just one part. Lucky we can minimize doing things we don’t like and create time and resources to indulge in the things we like to do.

Successful lives are run like successful organizations, they need discipline, and clear goals.

Most of us find it easy to drift from day to day, week to week, being stuck in a vortex of short term gratification without sight to what we want long term.

We are held back by the comfort of our regular daily patterns, fear of trying something different, laziness and procrastination.

Our personal struggle is to find out what we want, plan out for what we want, discipline ourselves to protect what we have, and overcome the things holding us back from reaching and fulfilling our true desires.


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