Tele-Evangelists, God and Making Money

Tele-Evangelists make good money. That is why we see so many of them on late night tv. Some of them are blatant money hogs, while other are more discrete when they take money from you. In times of trouble, some people turn to any hope they can get from a higher force that they make themselves vulnerable to even more losses and pain by listening to people claiming to represent god. It is very critical to develop a very strong sense of empirical truth everyday to ensure we do not fall prey to such people.

If god exists, I am 100% sure that he or she does not charge money for his blessings. How can an all powerful being who can create as much money as he or she wants only bless you, if you send him $27 for his blessings. You must see through the deceit here using empirical truth.


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