“When the tsunami came and killed over 50,000 people worldwide, it did not matter what religion the people were, or how they lived their lives, anyone in the way of the wave were adversely affected irregardless.”

No one religion was able to adequately answer “why” this happened. Hopefully the Empirical Truth™ will answer that, and also help us to comprehend the real world we live in.

We want to convince you that each of our lives will be much more complete, each of our families will be much more happier and each of our countries will be much more stable if we all look past dogma and embrace the Empirical Truth™ that governs our lives irrespective of our beliefs.

Don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to be a part of this wonderful journey into self discovery as individuals, as societies, as humans and as a small part of this amazing, infinite universe.

What is Empirical Truth™?

“The whole truth, and nothing but the truth!” A truth that can be verified by anyone irregardless of their beliefs, methodology, or timeline in history.

Why know Empirical Truth™?

There are thousands of beliefs systems on this planet, each claiming superiority over the others for whatever reason. No one ever says “That religion is better, but I practice this religion instead.” Unfortunately, this “superiority complex” has resulted in much conflict, misunderstanding and impediment of progress for our species. Irrespective of each of our beliefs, we want to show you the Empirical Truth™s that govern our lives, so that we may better understand ourselves, our peers, our species and our life experience without the smog of dogma, delusion, and false assumptions.

What About The Teachings From Old Texts?

We must respect our ancestors for having advanced our understanding to where we are today. Old texts have much wisdom on age tested ways of how we should conduct our lives. There is increasing scientific evidence that supports many benefits of praying, mediating, following discipline, and being in a nurturing social construct of a religious following. There are over 1000 religions on this planet and over a few thousand variations of sub-religions based on those religions. As you read about Empirical Truth™, we ask you put different religious thoughts aside and see the common experience all of us have despite what we believe in.

Breaking the veil of ignorance, by acknowledging our limited understanding  

The human experience is limited by sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, and our mind’s ability to process this information. We are also limited by how much we have learned so far, and how much our tools can help to decipher our observations of the world around us. Click on each of the links in this section to see how limited our ability is to perceive our existence.

Waking up to the Empirical Truth™  

Each of us have a choice to make in our lives. We can choose to believe what has been thought to us by others like us or others claiming to know more than us, or we can choose to question our existence, our beliefs, our lives, and raise above the “false programming”, and discover the real world that govern our lives every second we live. We believe it is only through this personal choice that can we better understand, better manage and better empower ourselves to bring true understanding, true happiness, and true control of our lives. If you find yourself running back to old religious teaching to refute the statements here, you are not ready to face Empirical Truth™. Empirical Truth™ takes courage to put aside old mental programming and to consider what is the logical truth we face every day.

Every journey begins with the first step…

How far you go to discover the truth depends on how brave your let yourself be. The biggest driving factor of any discovery is curiosity. “Ask, and you will find”. Our existence is defined by our Mind, our Body, our Soul, our Relationships, and the laws of the universe we live in. The first step to discovering Empirical Truth™ is in knowing what we know so far in each of these categories. The below list is a work in progress, and we encourage you to read, question and verify for yourself our findings so far. We welcome you to refute anything we say on this site with logic, science and an open mind. An please don’t quote from any dogmatic scripture, as this site is totally dedicated to things we can verify with our own mind, intellect, senses and tools.

Site Updates

EmpiricalTruth.com is being created one thought at a time. Expect to see posts here every few days. If you feel empowered by what you read here, or want to be part of this amazing experience of self discovery, please leave comments and suggestions as you think of them or find them. Also if there is interest, we will add the Google Friend Connect feature here soon.

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